HDPMSS has been established to assist your project through input from an

experienced Project Manager, Project Planner and Project Office Support.

With our help, your project can come in on time, on budget and deliver the outcomes you,

the customer, require.

All sized projects can be managed across  a broad spectrum of areas.

This includes in mining

  • managing multiple projects in the areas of conveyor upgrades
  • tank and vessel improvements
  • hopper replacements
  • pump replacements
  • ventilation equipment installation to mention a few.

In the engineering area

  • working with engineers to progress projects from concept to commissioning
  • arranging engineering documentation and drawings
  • obtaining approvals for project concepts

Assistance in the industrial area includes

  • planning maintenance activities over the short, medium and long term
  • minor civil works

Domestic projects from storage building design and construction to housing addition.